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Park Gate

Blackheath, London


The site is located within a sensitive Conservation Area. The client wanted to design a building that would become his family home. The brief was specific in terms of accommodation, but the external appearance and architectural elements were flexible.

The challenge was to create a dwelling that would harmonise with the area’s built form and character, yet meets the client’s aspirations, with an emphasis on an open space approach. The exterior has taken inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright with a mixture of traditional and contemporary materials, producing a design that reflects the symmetry and proportions of his style. The building presents a two-storey appearance at the front, but unfolds into a full three storeys at the rear, with accommodation within the roof space.

The lower ground floor provides a functional family area, which accesses onto the sunken terrace and sculpted garden. Many features, including open galleries and double-height rooms, help maintain a real sense of space and open character. Ground conditions, site constraints and close proximity to neighbours, required a specialist civil engineering solution by Crofton Design to form the basement. Gardens by Haynes planned the garden over three levels, linking the architecture of the house to the garden.

  • Client : Private
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Blackheath, London